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Given Name Birth Death Partner
A. Private   J. E. Turner
A. E. Private   E. L. Edwards
A. J.     R. T. Getchell
A. S. Private Private C. R. Marple
Adolphine     Emil Stroemer
Agnes     Thomas Canfield
Alameda     John Franklin Short
Alice     Ralph Farnum
Alice     Thomas Wight
Alice about 1544 1606 Thomas Sudbury
Alice about 1559 May 11, 1616 Edward Cogswell
Alice about 1614 April 1, 1687 William Allen
Alma W. 1901 1982 Arthur Simeon Beavens
Almyra Diadama January 2, 1896 August 12, 1987 Albert Jordan Smith
Anita Ruth     Lloyd V. Hadsell
Ann     Thomas Crockett, Diggory Jeffreys
Ann     Richard Vore
Ann about 1653 1698 Ralph Shaw
Anna about 1785   Hiram Collins
Anne     Henry Hazard
Anne   July 26, 1684 Robert Hazeltine
Anne   before September 18, 1585 John Hutchinson
Anne May 28, 1918 April 21, 2001 C. B. Hankins
B.     S. J. Flamm
B. Private   M. L. Knight
B. A Private   R. D. Ingmire
B. D. Private   J. W. Beardsley
B. L. Private   J. H. Whipps
Barbara about 1838 March 21, 1928 Anthony Heidershal
Barber about 1833   Henry Brown
Belle W. about 1886   J Howard Hughes
Bessie D     Arthur R Adams
Betsy     Franklin Chase
Bridget     Edward Marley McNew
C.     C. D. Smith
C.     E. A. Hankins
C. A. Private   R. D. Jones
C. R. Private   T. M. Palmerlee
Caroline about 1865 July 29, 1948 Frederick Moeri
Carrie 1870 1902 Harvey W. Wilkin
Carrie about 1888 1979 Henry Christian Hagman
Catherine     George Allen Sr.
Catherine about 1826 prob bef 1870 William Whan
Catherine J. January 1850 July 22, 1911 Almond C. Hadsell
Cecelia G about 1889   Elmer Reno Wisby
Christa A January 1873   Benjamin Walker
Christina March 30, 1793 February 4, 1875 John George Huber
Clara Nadine about 1917 March 16, 1999 Richard Freeman
Clarissa abt August 1785 February 11, 1857 Zachariah Clarke Beardsley
Clemence   1696 Thomas Judd
Conradine Florentine Louise 1770 1837 Johann Jobst Niedermeier
Cora C. 1913 2007 Harold McCoy
Cordelia C. about 1825   Horace Von Hadsell
Cynthia about 1828   John Hughes
D. M Private   B. B Lamotte, C. A. Terrell
Daisy M. October 9, 1907 July 1975 Herbert Lorraine Pierce
Deborah     Ambrose Gale
Dorothy   December 12, 1702 George Blake
Dorothy     John Blandford,
Dorothy     Laurence Tyler
E. B Private   P. Hadsell
E. V. Private   Robert Marion Garrett
Edea or Edith 1736   Benjamin Athey
Edna     Arthur Clarence Whan
Eleanor     John Marbury
Eleanor P. 1910 1985 George C. Distel
Electa about 1814   Addison C. Hadsell
Elinor   April 1655 Henry Phelps
Elinor   March 21, 1656 John Spring
Elinor 1597-1599 May 11, 1659 John Whitney
Eliza L. about 1858   William Sanford Small
Elizabeth     Thomas Bond
Elizabeth   August 24, 1720 William Bond
Elizabeth     John Bridge
Elizabeth     George Carr
Elizabeth     John Clark
Elizabeth   November 8, 1688 Hugh Griffin, Philemon Whale
Elizabeth     John Hair
Elizabeth     Thomas Mellen
Elizabeth     Robert Sherrin
Elizabeth     William Short
Elizabeth     William Thompson
Elizabeth     Joseph Underwood
Elizabeth     William Ward
Elizabeth   March 8, 1734 Ebenezer Ware
Elizabeth     Andrew Watkins
Elizabeth   February 20, 1709/10 (Julian) William Weeks, Timothy Mather
Elizabeth     Edward Wright
Elizabeth about 1608 December 30, 1684 William Tuttle
Elizabeth about 1619 about 1670 Samuel Curtis
Elizabeth about 1623 1713 Anthony Buxton
Elizabeth about 1625 April 3, 1688 Philip Atwood
Elizabeth about 1650 after 1683 William Marlow
Elizabeth about 1698 1755 Samuel Puryear
Elizabeth about 1702 Thomas Athey Sr.
Elizabeth about 1715 January 2, 1786 Ebenezer Ayer
Elizabeth 1717 after 1758 Henry Hazard
Elizabeth about 1720 August 16, 1772 Ichabod Johnson
Elizabeth about 1812 before 1860 Jesse Nelson
Elizabeth Ann about 1816   Hiram Short
Elizabeth B.     Nathaniel Batchelder
Elizabeth Wooster     Ebenezer Johnson
Ella     Charles E. Reed
Ella L.     Daniel Knight Voshell
Ellie M. about 1860   Philo B. Smith
Elma Viola 1914 2000 Maurice Eugene Whitten
Elva Mae about 1912   Harold McCoy
Emma September 1849   Charles Edgeton
Eugenia B     Charles D. Short
Experience     Hopestill Leland
Fannie M. 1864 1936 John Gilbert Poyner
Fannie M. about 1883   James G. Ward
Florence L. 1899 1873 Milford Eugene Hadsell
Frances     Richard Beckley
Frances   Edward Jackson
Francis 1846   Francis Blunt
Gertrude about 1841   Daniel Seibel
Goldia Viola February 9, 1912 November 6, 1973 George Lee Freeman
Grace   March 9, 1639 John Button
Grace     William Durham
Grace     Thomas Hatch
Grace about 1609 about 1636 John Gould
Grace about 1639 1676 Vincent Stilson
Hanna     John Woodcock
Hannah     William Thorne
Hannah     John Willis
Hannah 1614 July 11, 1676 Thomas Bartlett
Hannah November 5, 1772 September 7, 1863 James Chase
Harriett T about 1887   ? Collins, Harvey Howard Hadsell
Hattie Ine October 29, 1903 January 7, 1979 Harold Henry Burchell
Helen     J. R. Hankins
Helen C. 1909 1979 Orville E. Smith
Ida Mae     Roy Owen Pierce
Ida Wilhelmina about 1873 April 16, 1946 Ezra Marple
Irene J. June 7, 1915 January 18, 2011 Kenneth Ingmire
Isabel     Thomas Miller
J.     G. A. Rhodes
J.     J. R. Smith
J. D. Private   D. M. Livdahl
J. E. Private   C. E Eggers
Jane     John Andrews
Jane     Elijah Hazelrigg
Jane     William Smoot
Jane   November 14, 1690 Benjamin Whitney
Jane     John Wood
Jane before 1598   John Parker
Jemima     John Burbank
Jennie 1852 1898 William Laurence McBride
Jennie E. April 1871   William Laurence McBride
Jessie about 1887 before 1920 Jesse Thomas
Joan     John Button
Joan   March 2, 1704 John Ellis, John Clapp
Joan     Edmund Scott
Joan about 1505   Roger Wakeman
Joanna about 1662   Gilbert Cordey
Johan 1567   Henry Kimball
Johanna     John Gould
Joyce     Thomas Lumbert
Joyce 1620 after 1670 John Peacock
Judith     Thomas Athey
Judy     D. Hadsell
Julia J. about 1899   Clifton Benjamin Marple
Julia M. about 1851 November 1873 Frederick McNew
June   after April 1954 Claude Ward
K. M. Private   J. F. Ropte
K. R Private   R. E. Hadsell
Karen     D. Hankins
Katherine     Richard Duxford
Kathrine about 1913   Herbert Lorraine Pierce
L. Z. Private   T. J. Oliphant
Lena     Clarence Fredric Doversberger
Lena about 1843   Henry Seibel
Lizzie     Shillah Thomas
Louise about 1910   Edwin Jay Whitten
Louise M. 1910 Alden C. Hadsell
Louise Vella January 18, 1913 December 14, 1986 Jessie Claude Hughes
Lucy     Eleazar Adams
Lula M about 1905 December 14, 1999 Howard Carlyle Brinker
Lydia about 1609 September 27, 1686 Abraham Browne, Andrew Hodge
Lydia R June 1860 before 1930 Lovell C Adams
M.     E. R. Werk
M.     C. J. Aalto
M.     C. R Miller
M. Private Private Norman C. Marple
M. A. Private   R. E. Pearson
M. C. Private   B. L. Hadsell
M. E.   Private T. W Spain
M. L Private Private R. P. Marple
M. M. Private   D. M. Blanchard
Mabel Ava Bogard August 11, 1897   Oliver Ora Countryman, Orloff Victor Husted, Gust Emanuel Fray
Mamie Estel     Johnnie W Hughes
Margaret   1769 Eleazar Adams
Margaret     John Barker
Margaret   before March 6, 1665/6 (Julian) Robert Hicks
Margaret     John Hutchinson
Margaret     John Wyeth
Margaret   Simon Gates
Margaret about 1584 1631 Simon Bradstreet
Margaret February 25, 1822 May 21, 1891 Peleg G. Hadsell
Margaret B. about 1821   Alpheus Small
Mariah about 1840   ? Beach, Thomas J. Short
Mariam about 1811   Eliphas H. Smith
Marie August 15, 1901 December 21, 1973 Standley G. Hadsell
Martha   April 20, 1652
Martha     Caleb Burbank
Martha   December 20, 1673 Samuel Richardson
Martha about 1721 about 1759 John Mallette
Martha about 1897   William Edwin Hadsell
Martha Corey     Henry E. Tyler
Mary   after 1753 Joseph Andrews
Mary   October 23, 1717 James Bailey
Mary   June 2, 1665 Thomas Brown
Mary     John Button
Mary     John Evered\Webb
Mary     John Gould
Mary   about 1698 John How
Mary   April 4, 1662 William Janes
Mary     Edward Loomis
Mary     Nathaniel Pittee
Mary     William Sabin
Mary     Thomas Staples
Mary     Vincent Stilson
Mary   after May 1665 Job Tyler
Mary   1755 Job Tyler
Mary     John Young
Mary about 1601 December 12, 1681 John Cutler, Thomas Hewett
Mary about 1606 February 22, 1681 William White
Mary 1633 1708 Nathaniel Cutler
Mary about 1639 June 1, 1709 Simon Mellen
Mary about 1650   James Freeman
Mary about 1734   Joseph Farris
Mary 1823 1902 James Benjamine Ward
Mary April 1873   Arthur B. Tyler
Mary C. 1856-1857   John F. Hughes
Mary E. about 1845 before 1910 Stephen B. Hadsell
Mary E. about 1890   Robert J. Gamble
Mathilda January 1872   Emerson Whan
Mattea M. about 1902   Oscar Harvey Williams
Maude 1904   Fred Randolf Jones
May September 1847   Michael Seibel
Mehetable   November 2, 1753 Ebenezer Ware
Mellisa about 1861   Willis E. Smith
Menerva E about 1849   Marcellus D. Hadsell
Mercy 1615 December 22, 1693 Thomas Brigham, Edmond Rice, William Hunt
Minnie about 1890   Salem Michael Freeman
Minnie B. about 1861   John Smith
Minnie E. March 1876 1965 James Harrington Underwood
Murel L. about 1915   Grover E. Edwards
N.     R. C Hadsell
Nettie about 1901   Jesse Thomas
Nora     Edward Doversberger
O. Private Private G. B Tyler
P. A.     J. W. Thomas
P. E. Private   J. D. McNew
P. S.      
Pearl I about 1898   Harold T. Underwood
Phillis   1608 William Thompson
Polly about 1806   Orin Fuller
R.     T. N. Miller
Rebecca     John Vincent
Rebecca 1593   John French
Rhoda 1845 1879 John Gilbert Poyner
Rose about 1889   Archibald Jacob Simcox
Ruby Mae about 1907   Frank McCoy
Ruth about 1917   Nile Smith
Ruth M about 1905   Leon N. Beardsley
S.     D. L. Tyler
S.     R. E. Whitten
S. Private   J. V. McNew
S. Private Private M. W. Blanchard
Sadie about 1887   Floyd Hadsell
Sally     Benjamin F. Fish
Saloma about 1768   Milo Simeon Smith
Sarah     Samuel Clemons
Sarah     Ambrose Gale Jr.
Sarah     John Gould
Sarah     George Graves
Sarah     Samuel C. Lusby
Sarah about 1638   George Pike
Sarah Ann about 1915 April 23, 1998 Eugene Milton Hadsell
Sarah C.     Charles Franklin Tyler
Servia     Josephus William Knight
Stella     Henry Hankins
Susan A. about 1855   Robert Gamble
Susanna     Robert Rogers
Susanna   December 11, 1686 William Shattuck
Susanna   March 24, 1649 Obadiah Wheeler
Susanna 1645/6 (Julian) Edward Hutchinson
T. Private   S. D. Berry
T. L. Private   R. Hankins
Thelma about 1871   Charles Nelson Smith
Unknown     John Ayers
Unknown     Frederick McNew
V. Private   Donald Victor Pierce
Velma about 1901   Claude Earnest Turner
Verna Fay about 1899 June 23, 1973 Claude L. Hadsell
W.     L. W. Guilbert
W. J. Private   K. L. McNeice
Wealthey     Rufus Tyler
Wilma Bernice August 25, 1915 April 4, 1999 Robert Guy McNew
Winifred H. October 24, 1910 September 14, 1990 Norman Moxley Whipps
Z. C. Private Private E. O. Knight