“Minnesota Official Marriage System”

Publication information https://www.moms.mn.gov/


  1.   Max D. Lysdale
  2.   Marriage of James C. Hanes and Phoebe Jane Smith
  3.   Eugenia O. Doucette
  4.   Rosella Fanning
  5.   Marjorie Anna Ward
  6.   Marriage of Dean E. Lucius and Susan Elizabeth Williams
  7.   Sarah Hannah Richardson
  8.   Marriage of John Fay Williams and Helen Simons
  9.   Eleanor P.
  10.   Minnie Michael
  11.   Ella Minerva Dressel
  12.   David Beavens
  13.   Marriage of Albert M. Culp and Harriet A. Chase
  14.   Marriage of Martin Edwin Prosser and Loretta Mary Louise Gish
  15.   Ida Augusta Markus
  16.   George C. Distel
  17.   Marriage of Louis R. Kaiser and Edith A. Smith
  18.   Marriage of David L. Marple and Julia Edith Myton
  19.   Thomas Leonard Morgan
  20.   Glyde Samuel Rawson Swain
  21.   Richard E Hughes
  22.   Marriage of Charles Simcox and Ida Augusta Markus
  23.   Elna C. Gahnz
  24.   Marriage of Arthur Edward Ullery and Grace Elizabeth Rimmer
  25.   Louisa Smith
  26.   Marriage of Earl Beavens and Carrie Michaels
  27.   Marriage of Otis D. Williams and Almeda Sophia Beardsley
  28.   Laura M. Haskell
  29.   Marriage of Charles Norman Beardsley and Eveline Adele Smith
  30.   Gladys M. Bleecker
  31.   Marriage of Emery August Davison and Lydia Augusta Pfalgraff
  32.   Marriage of Jasper Alfred Smith and Dora Turner
  33.   Ida Wilhelmina
  34.   Marriage of Alvin John Muehlenhardt and Helena Petersdorf
  35.   Charles W. Peery
  36.   Marriage of Thomas Leonard Morgan and Orpha Ann Crabtree
  37.   John Moore
  38.   Felix Schronner
  39.   Marriage of Clifford Clayton Smith and Beryl O. Bleecher
  40.   Pauline K. Kaspar
  41.   Pauline Hinz
  42.   Marriage of Frank L. Kiekenapp and Hellen Jane Smith
  43.   Marriage of John Wesley Ward and Lena Catherine Will
  44.   John Colquhoun Campbell
  45.   Edgar Emerson Crosby
  46.   Marriage of William A. Brandt and Augusta Latzke
  47.   Marriage of David Jewel and Laura M. Haskell
  48.   Marriage of Albert Michael and Nellie L. Beavens
  49.   Marriage of Harold F. Pixley and Hattie Moeri
  50.   Richard William Cropper
  51.   Charles L Clark
  52.   Melinda Ann Milender
  53.   Marriage of Benjamin E. C. Marple and Jennie Almina Beardsley
  54.   Burt C. Kinney
  55.   Franklin Warburton
  56.   Marriage of Daniel Francis Terrell and Eveylen Ewing
  57.   Marriage of Charles L Clark and Clarinda Whitten
  58.   Beryl O. Bleecher
  59.   E. Eugene Chadwick
  60.   Louis R. Kaiser
  61.   Marriage of Clyde L. Chadwick and Minnie Klause
  62.   Marriage of Charles Sylvester Haskell and Isabelle Jewell Erickson
  63.   Ella McArthur
  64.   Marriage of Joseph Henry Casebeer and Agnes Hodlichnn
  65.   Marriage of George C. Distel and Eleanor P.
  66.   Louis Henry Stecker
  67.   Carrie Michaels
  68.   Paul Hiram Lostetter
  69.   Oliver Wendell Guilbert
  70.   Leah Burnett Robinson
  71.   Howard W. Pracht
  72.   Marriage of Loyal Henry Terrell and Phinetta A. Waldron
  73.   Ida M. Charlesworth
  74.   Archibald William Westhaver
  75.   Eleanore Meyers
  76.   Marion Alida Ward
  77.   Marriage of Alvin Conner and Ella McArthur
  78.   Magdaline Beatrice Ward
  79.   Marriage of Howard W. Pracht and Gretchen Marple
  80.   Mary J. Giffords
  81.   Thomas H. Larson
  82.   Marriage of Archibald William Westhaver and Bernice Mary Haskell
  83.   Marriage of Willis Norton Castor and Martha C. Petersdorf
  84.   Marriage of Burt C. Kinney and Blanche Ellen Williams
  85.   Marriage of Charles Peter Darby and Sarah Hannah Richardson
  86.   Marriage of Edwin Randolph and Amelia Matilda Ulrich
  87.   Marriage of Edward George Pautzke and Grace Mae Meierbachtol
  88.   Benjamin Franklin Turner
  89.   Marriage of Walter Luhmann and Elna C. Gahnz
  90.   Minnie Klause
  91.   Charles A Hutchinson
  92.   Marriage of Albert Earl Palmerlee and Florence Richardson
  93.   Helen Simons
  94.   Marriage of John James Chase and Ruth Agnes Mills
  95.   Marriage of Eli Taylor Wisby and Elizabeth Ward
  96.   Marriage of Rudolph Waber and Florence Lucetta Haskell
  97.   Augusta Latzke
  98.   Nellie L. Beavens
  99.   Loyal Henry Terrell
  100.   James C. Hanes
  101.   Lottie Gibson
  102.   Marriage of Benjamin Franklin Turner and Jennie Smith
  103.   Marriage of Charles Norm Williams and Eleanore Meyers
  104.   Harold F. Pixley
  105.   Marriage of William W. Ward and Hannah Jane Whan
  106.   Daniel Petersdorf
  107.   Marriage of William F. Schippel and Hazel Bell Turner
  108.   Marriage of Simeon Jerden Smith and Mary J. Giffords
  109.   Marriage of Felix Schronner and Rose B. Whitten
  110.   Nannie Ulrika Hillstrorn
  111.   Eugenia May Owens
  112.   Marriage of Paul Hiram Lostetter and Marjorie Anna Ward
  113.   Marriage of Charles W. Peery and Ethel Vidal Chadwick
  114.   Marriage of Charles Henry Spoor and Lottie Gibson
  115.   Marriage of Albert Ward and Melinda Ann Milender
  116.   Martha Alice Smith
  117.   Dean E. Lucius
  118.   Marriage of Jasper Simeon Beardsley and Florence May Warner
  119.   Mary Alice Chase
  120.   Ethel Vidal Chadwick
  121.   Emery August Davison
  122.   Marriage of Samuel Arthur Terrell and Mildred Althea Sershen
  123.   Ruth Agnes Mills
  124.   Marriage of Guy Kester Williams and Leah Burnett Robinson
  125.   Marriage of Oscar Harvey Williams and Helena A. Clarke
  126.   Marriage of Emery August Davison and Mary Alice Chase
  127.   Marriage of Wilbur Vincent Castor and Irene Anna Murphy Scheer
  128.   Mabel C. Hydorn
  129.   Marriage of Richard E Hughes and Martha Mae Heidershal
  130.   Marriage of Harold George Meierbachtol and Catherine Martha Grengs
  131.   Marriage of John Glenn Beardsley and Grace Elizabeth Rimmer
  132.   Marriage of Vernon Erwin Beinhorn and Gladys Viola Wenger
  133.   Marriage of E. Eugene Chadwick and Mabel C. Hydorn
  134.   Marriage of Daniel Petersdorf and Pauline Hinz
  135.   Caroline Grassman
  136.   Marriage of Owen Alfred Smith and Gladys M. Bleecker
  137.   Marriage of Albert Moeri and Annie Oehler
  138.   Marriage of Alex Marple and Mary Ann Cook
  139.   Marie Frances Bonse
  140.   Marriage of Frank Whan and Nannie Ulrika Hillstrorn
  141.   Marriage of Edward Danberry and Anna Heidershal
  142.   Marriage of Charles A Hutchinson and Martha Alice Smith
  143.   Marriage of Samuel Lamont and Theda Ruth Terrell
  144.   Marriage of Oliver Wendell Guilbert and Marion Alida Ward
  145.   Marriage of Harvey Beardsley and Julia Elvira Smith
  146.   Marriage of Thomas H. Larson and Florence Luella Stecker
  147.   Marriage of Jasper William Beardsley and Pauline K. Kaspar
  148.   Marriage of David Jewel and Ida A. Haskell
  149.   Marriage of Glyde Samuel Rawson Swain and Annie Cordelia Warner
  150.   Marriage of Albert Moeri and Emma Elizabeth Beardsley
  151.   Marriage of James J Whipps and Ethel B. Beardsley
  152.   Marriage of David Beavens and Louisa Smith
  153.   Rudolph Waber
  154.   Marriage of Paul Heidershal and Ida M. Charlesworth
  155.   Marriage of Thomas Leonard Morgan and Clara M. Ward
  156.   Marriage of August Beinhorn and Caroline Grassman
  157.   Marriage of Harvey Simeon. Smith and Eugenia May Owens
  158.   Marriage of Ralph W. Ward and Eugenia O. Doucette
  159.   Marriage of Max D. Lysdale and Martha Mae Heidershal
  160.   Emmia S. Warburton
  161.   Marriage of Ezra Marple and Ida Wilhelmina
  162.   Marriage of Franklin Warburton and Bessie C. Smith
  163.   Marriage of Edgar Emerson Crosby and Etta Whan
  164.   Marriage of Richard William Cropper and Ethel Marian Beardsley
  165.   Marriage of Hurley Arthur Blanchard and Magdaline Beatrice Ward
  166.   Marriage of Walter Herman Ulrich and Ella Minerva Dressel
  167.   Marriage of Edward Beavens and Rosella Fanning