“Minnesota, County Marriages, 1860-1949”

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  1.   Hannah Jane Whan
  2.   Emma Prosser
  3.   Marriage of Frederick Lincoln Taylor and Anna Melia Hrdlicka
  4.   Marriage of Henry Lafayette Taylor and Clara A Schwab
  5.   William Eugene Chadwick
  6.   William A. Smith
  7.   Guldie Fay Baker
  8.   Agnes Hodlichnn
  9.   Nels Benson
  10.   Marriage of Francis Morris Robison and Matilda C. Doth
  11.   Marriage of Ezra Marple and Ida Wilhelmina
  12.   Marriage of John Alexander Hannah and Eunice Evelyn Meierbachtol
  13.   Marriage of Albert Moeri and Annie Oehler
  14.   Marriage of Charles Wilford Prosser and Myrtle Elvira Williams
  15.   Marriage of Frank Otto and Pauline E. Ulrich
  16.   Harriet Whitten
  17.   Marriage of John Costea and Aurora Vivian Meierbachtol
  18.   Marriage of Herman Frederick Ulrich and Sophie Florentine Henriette Meierbachtol
  19.   Charles E. Reed
  20.   Marriage of Francis Morris Robison and Guldie Fay Baker
  21.   Marriage of Jasper Simeon Beardsley and Florence May Warner
  22.   Marriage of Charles Francis Chase and Etta Mae Edgeton
  23.   Marriage of Albert Moeri and Emma Elizabeth Beardsley
  24.   Marriage of Jason B. Terrell and Emma Prosser
  25.   Marriage of Frank Raymond Meierbachtol and Hazel Gracia Beardsley
  26.   Marriage of Louis Henry Stecker and Emma Elizabeth Beardsley
  27.   Erry A. Ferch
  28.   Jane Brinker
  29.   Marriage of Erry A. Ferch and Vera E. Davison
  30.   Marriage of Charles E. Reed and Jennie Almina Beardsley
  31.   Mary Jung
  32.   Marriage of Albert Ward and Melinda Ann Milender
  33.   Marriage of Henry Meierbachtol and Emma Mithilda Diers
  34.   Marriage of Samuel Newton Brinker and Rose F. Markus
  35.   Marriage of Roy Rimmer and Weltha Alice Ellingsworth
  36.   Marriage of Charles Norman Beardsley and Eveline Adele Smith
  37.   Magdalene Erickson
  38.   Marvin Earl Karnitz
  39.   Marriage of John Moore and Clara Smith
  40.   Marriage of George Loren Williams and Emma A. Lewis
  41.   David Jewel
  42.   Marriage of Harvey Hitcock Simcox and Jane Brinker
  43.   Marriage of Frederick Eugene Beardsley and Mildred May Chase
  44.   Marriage of William A. Smith and Henrietta Haskell
  45.   Marriage of David Jewel and Ida A. Haskell
  46.   Marriage of Frank Spoor and Lulu Beardsley
  47.   Marriage of Herman Frederick Ulrich and Mary Jung
  48.   Marriage of Nels Benson and Nannie Ulrika Hillstrorn
  49.   Marriage of George Loren Williams and Rosa Courtwright
  50.   Marriage of Albert J. Warner and Jennie A. Taylor
  51.   Marriage of Joseph Henry Casebeer and Agnes Hodlichnn
  52.   Marriage of William W. Ward and Hannah Jane Whan
  53.   Marriage of Otis D. Williams and Almeda Sophia Beardsley
  54.   Marriage of Frederick E. Meierbachtol and Magdalene Erickson
  55.   Marriage of Arthur Oren Smith and Sarah E. Pitmon
  56.   Marriage of Joseph Henry Casebeer and Harriet Whitten
  57.   Marriage of John B. Ward and Nellie Irene Ferrin
  58.   Marriage of William Eugene Chadwick and Minnesota Marple
  59.   Marriage of Henry Lafayette Taylor and Agnes Elvira Smith
  60.   Marriage of Marvin Earl Karnitz and Clara Martha Petersdorf