“Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900”

Publication information http://www.ilsos.gov/isavital/marriagesrch.jsp


  1.   Marriage of Henry L Hadsell and Adda Baker
  2.   Marriage of Henry B Hadsell and Elmina Catharine Adkins
  3.   William D. McKinney
  4.   Andrew J. Arnett
  5.   Marriage of Leander Scott Hadsell and Mary Nichols
  6.   Marriage of George M. Hadsell and Ruth A. Comstock
  7.   Marriage of Delfield DeRoy Hadsell and Ida May Delaplain
  8.   Ziba K. Kellum
  9.   Sara J. Potter
  10.   Eura J Watkins
  11.   Marriage of Leander Scott Hadsell and Ella\Sarah Helen\ Burke
  12.   Laura M. Hadsell
  13.   Frank Flowers
  14.   Mary E Rusk
  15.   Marriage of David B. Johnson and Eura J Watkins
  16.   Marriage of Charles H. Ware and Laura M. Hadsell
  17.   David B. Johnson
  18.   William H. Marion
  19.   James C Watkins
  20.   Marriage of Nathan Albertus Hadsell and Hettie Lydia Dumford
  21.   Ida May Ades
  22.   Elmina Catharine Adkins
  23.   Ella\Sarah Helen\ Burke
  24.   Marriage of Wilford T Hill and Lena Bell Hadsell
  25.   Marriage of Eugene Duane Hadsell and Dadie Robertson
  26.   Marriage of Henry L Hadsell and Mary E Rusk
  27.   Adelia Adeline Hadsell
  28.   Stephen B. Hadsell
  29.   Tina Snowhill
  30.   Lucy E Gay
  31.   Marriage of James E. Hadsell and Rachel McKinney
  32.   Mary Nichols
  33.   Wilford T Hill
  34.   Ida M. Hadsell
  35.   Lydia Lodema Arnold
  36.   Anna H. Meek
  37.   Charles H Hadsell
  38.   Hettie Lydia Dumford
  39.   Marriage of William D. McKinney and Almyra Tulley Hadsell
  40.   Marriage of Sylvanus Ades and Lydia Lodema Arnold
  41.   Marriage of Alexander Baird and Mary S. Hadsell
  42.   Wilbert Cobb
  43.   Marriage of James May Hadsell and Nancy Smith
  44.   Marriage of Andrew J. Arnett and Sarah Hadsell
  45.   Marriage of Alfred Baker Wike and Ida M. Hadsell
  46.   Harriet Jefferson
  47.   Marriage of Wilbert Cobb and Almira Hadsell
  48.   Marcellus D. Hadsell
  49.   Editha J Brown
  50.   Nathan Albertus Hadsell
  51.   Dadie Robertson
  52.   Kesiah M. Holmes
  53.   Anna Baker
  54.   Marriage of William H Pease and Helen J. Hadsell
  55.   Marriage of Friedrick Franklin and Emma Hadsell
  56.   Marriage of David B. Johnson and Adelia Adeline Hadsell
  57.   Marriage of Nathan V Hadsell and Elizabeth Jane Shaw
  58.   Harriet A. Hadsell
  59.   Henry Brown
  60.   Marriage of Stephen B. Hadsell and Kesiah M. Holmes
  61.   Marriage of William H. Marion and Caroline Hadsell
  62.   Alfred Baker Wike
  63.   Marriage of Charles H Hadsell and Anna H. Meek
  64.   Marriage of William Crowder and Almira Hadsell
  65.   Ida Hadsell
  66.   Alexander Baird
  67.   Marriage of Rollin Charles Underwood and Margaret Elizabeth Coats
  68.   William Crowder
  69.   Marriage of Marcellus D. Hadsell and Mary Hattie Miles
  70.   Ida May Delaplain
  71.   Marriage of Henry Brown and Sarah Cartwright
  72.   Marriage of Eldon H Hadsell and Tina Snowhill
  73.   Mary Hattie Miles
  74.   Marriage of Henry L Hadsell and Sara J. Potter
  75.   Zachary T. Cary
  76.   Marriage of Daniel Hadsell and Editha J Brown
  77.   Marriage of James C Watkins and Harriet A. Hadsell
  78.   Marriage of Leander Scott Hadsell and Harriet Jefferson
  79.   Marriage of Harry Leon Pease and Helen Gerard
  80.   Sarah Cartwright
  81.   Marriage of Zachary T. Cary and Hettie Lydia Dumford