Minnie D. Bulkley 1

Birth Name Bulkley, Minnie D. 1
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1862 New York   1

Relation to the center person (Nathan McNew) : first cousin four times removed (up)


Relation to Minnie Name Birth date Death date
Father Darius Bulkleyabout 18271910
Mother Elizabeth BeardsleyMay 31, 1834March 1906
    Sister     Louisa A. Bulkley about 1851
    Brother     Merwin D. Bulkley 1852 1928
    Brother     Richard E. Bulkley 1855
    Brother     William Bulkley about 1855
    Brother     Joseph C. Bulkley about 1860 after 1940
         Minnie D. Bulkley about 1862
    Brother     Aaron E. Bulkley 1864 1916