V. B Tyler

Birth Name Tyler, V. B
Also Known As V. T.
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth Private Private    
Death Private Canandaigua, Ontario, New York    
Occupation     Emergency Medical Technician  

Relation to the center person (Nathan McNew) : second cousin three times removed (up)


Relation to V. B Tyler Name Birth date Death date
Father Frank Roswell Tylerabout 1882September 25, 1968
Mother Amy P. Oviattabout 1886July 12, 1971
    Brother     Herbert James Tyler July 11, 1903 August 20, 1973
    Sister     Infant Tyler May 9, 1907
         V. B Tyler Private Private


Family of Lloyd L. Mack and V. B Tyler

Husband Lloyd L. Mack ( * October 2, 1915 + January 12, 1996 )