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December 29, 2013
I've wanted for awhile to have a place to post random things I've been thinking about/working on/pondering. A blog of sorts I suppose, but I've intentionally chosen not to use a traditional blog interface. Partially because I dislike the format, but also because I don't really see this as a blog. I don't expect to have any followers or for my friends to read it to stay up on my life. I don't intend to share it on Facebook for now, maybe at some point in the future if I think some note is uncharacteristically interesting to a general audience. With posts mostly about theoretical math or Linux (maybe a few about faith or philosophy) I think these notes will be of greater interest to the wayfaring Googler.

So, to my audience of none: welcome. Hopefully it won't be the frequency of posts here that most resembles a blog. Maybe one day I'll add the ability to comment, but probably not.

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