This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Terrell. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner
? June 23, 1917 June 23, 1917  
B. A. Private Private L. A. Harty
C. A. Private Private  
C. A. Private Private J. R. Zellmann, D. M
C. L. Private    
Curtis G about 1915   Janice Stavanan
Daniel Francis January 9, 1897 June 8, 1982 Eveylen Ewing, J. C. Johnson-Street
Delbert October 2, 1913 December 28, 1915  
Donald Robert August 29, 1919 May 15, 2000  
Elsie M. January 1886   Aaron Charlesworth, Eugene Roff
J. A. Private Private  
J. C. Private   S. J. DeWitt
J. M. Private   M. Carter
J. W. Private   S. M. Morris
J. W. Private   K. C. McNew
Janet E. about 1917    
Jason B. 1890 May 19, 1918 Emma Prosser
K. I. Private    
Loyal Henry July 25, 1888 April 18, 1927 Phinetta A. Waldron
M. F. Private    
M. G. Private    
M. H. Private    
N. A. Private Private  
Nellie A. about 1913    
P. M. Private    
R. M. Private Private  
Ralph D. about 1919    
S. L. Private   R. J. Preuss
S. W. Private    
Samuel Arthur about 1885 February 1980 Mildred Althea Sershen, Mildred Althea
Samuel Cooper May 1863   Lottie Mary Gould
Theda Ruth May 28, 1911 September 7, 1998 Samuel Lamont