This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hankins. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner
A.     Herman Underwood
A. E. Private Private Emanual Henry Werk
A. E. Private Private H. M. Haslam
Albert about 1817 April 14, 1877 Mary Ann Ward
Albert Fredrick April 15, 1887 August 28, 1970 Marion Frances Sloan
Annie Laurie about 1896 April 11, 1949 Thomas Hughes McQuarrie
C. B. Private Private Anne
C. E. Private Private F. Jeske
C. F.      
Charles Benjamin about 1893 1978 Theresa Gertrude Young
Charles Wallace 1919 August 25, 1989  
D.     Karen
D.     Dick Williams
D. M.      
D. S. Private Private  
E. A. Private Private C.
E. M.      
E. R. Private Private  
F. G.      
F. S.      
Florence about 1908    
G. N. Private   J. Neale
H. M.      
H. M. Private Private I. Cheshere
Heman Lorenzo about 1882 February 17, 1947  
Henry about 1889   Stella
I. D. Private Private  
J. Private    
J. Private    
J. A.      
J. H.      
J. H. Private Private M. Wylie
J. R.     Helen
J. R. Private Private  
J. S.      
John about 1859 1943 Christena Brown
John W. 1880 September 4, 1880  
L.     Merv Prysiazniuk
L.     Mike Werhun
L. J. Private Private H. R. Todd
Lawrence Donald Paul 1908 1981 Helen Melissa Borden
Lawrence Leonard      
M. G. Private Private  
M. G. Private Private ? Cameron, Norman Young
Marretta about 1863 before 1880  
Paul 1883 1966 Nellie G. Harden
R. Private   T. L.
R. A. Private Private  
R. W. Private Private F. Godolphin
S. J.     Anne Jauncey Barclay
S. M.      
S. P.      
Sarah about 1862 November 20, 1944 Frederich Heinrich Conrad Meierbachtol
V. P.      
W. S. Private Private
William Wallace about 1899   Elsie May or Mae Yule
Zula Genevie 1903 1972 Harold Bernard Landon