“Minnesota, Marriages, 1849-1950” [database on-line]

Publication information https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/1680832


  1.   Marriage of George Loren Williams and Emma A. Lewis
  2.   Marriage of Francis C. Beardsley and Theadocia Youngher
  3.   Marriage of August Beinhorn and Mary Frost
  4.   Charles Norman Beardsley
  5.   Marriage of Chadd MacKentash Mellinger and Minnie Smith
  6.   Marriage of Roy Brockway and Helena A. Clarke
  7.   Minnie Blanche Taylor
  8.   Frank Otto
  9.   Marriage of Gideon Leroy Smith and Laura Adelia Strong
  10.   Marriage of William F. Schippel and Hazel Bell Turner
  11.   Elmer Reno Wisby
  12.   James Franklin Draper
  13.   Marriage of Dean E. Lucius and Susan Elizabeth Williams
  14.   Marriage of James Franklin Draper and Cora A. Warner
  15.   John Young
  16.   Marriage of Harvey Simeon. Smith and Eugenia May Owens
  17.   Marriage of Thomas Mills Richardson and Ellen Willis
  18.   Marriage of Frank Otto and Pauline E. Ulrich
  19.   Marriage of Charles A Hutchinson and Martha Alice Smith
  20.   Joseph Henry Casebeer
  21.   Henriette Beardsley
  22.   Marriage of Alexander H. Brinker and Sophia M Ernsting
  23.   Marriage of Emery August Davison and Mary Alice Chase
  24.   Marriage of James C. Hanes and Phoebe Jane Smith
  25.   William T. Jameson
  26.   Marriage of William T. Jameson and Henriette Beardsley
  27.   Marriage of Lester Raymond Beardsley and Minnie Blanche Taylor
  28.   Ida A. Haskell
  29.   Marriage of Frederich Heinrich Conrad Meierbachtol and Sarah Hankins
  30.   Eveline Adele Smith
  31.   Marriage of William Walter Williams and Hannah Rebecca Clarke
  32.   Marriage of John Hankins and Christena Brown
  33.   Marriage of Albert M. Culp and Harriet A. Chase
  34.   Marriage of John Young and Margaret Jane Wisby