Catherine Shapleigh 1

Birth Name Shapleigh, Catherine 1
Gender female

Relation to the center person (Nathan McNew) : tenth great grandmother


Relation to Catherine Name Birth date Death date
Father A. ShapleighPrivate
         Catherine Shapleigh
    Brother     J. Shapleigh
    Brother     N. Shapleigh
Father A. ShapleighPrivate
Stepmother D. E. HaanpaaPrivate


Family of James Trueworthy and Catherine Shapleigh

Husband James Trueworthy ( * April 1, 1593 + by 1650 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Joanna Trueworthy
Lucy Trueworthy
Nicholas Trueworthy
Samuel Trueworthy
Elizabeth TrueworthySeptember 8, 1719
John TrueworthySeptember 30, 1616

Family of Christopher Palmer and Catherine Shapleigh

  Husband Christopher Palmer ( * + ... )