Clifton W. Hughs 1, 2

Birth Name Hughs, Clifton W. 2
Also Known As Hughes, Clifton 1
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1844 Missouri   1, 2

Relation to the center person (Nathan McNew) : first cousin five times removed (up)


Relation to Clifton Name Birth date Death date
Father John Hughesabout 1816
Mother Sarah Jane McNewabout 1817pos. 1863
    Brother     Robert S. Hughes January 28, 1835 January 17, 1900
    Brother     Marion Hughes about 1841
    Sister     Susan J Hughes about 1846
         Clifton W. Hughs about 1844
    Brother     Houston Hughes 1850
    Brother     Frederick Hughes about 1863
Father John Hughesabout 1816
Stepmother Cynthiaabout 1828
    Half-brother     Albert Hughes 1858
    Half-brother     William Hughes about 1860