Sarah Biscoe or Briscoe 1

Birth Name Biscoe or Briscoe, Sarah 1
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death February 15, 1692 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts   1

Relation to the center person (Nathan McNew) : eleventh great grandmother


Relation to Sarah Name Birth date Death date
Father Nathaniel Briscoe
Mother Elizabeth HonorNovember 20, 1642
         Sarah Biscoe or Briscoe February 15, 1692


Family of William Bond and Sarah Biscoe or Briscoe

Married Husband William Bond ( * about 1625 + December 14, 1695 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 7, 1649     1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Elizabeth Bond
John Bond
Nathaniel Bond
William Bond1650
Thomas BondDecember 23, 1654December 17, 1704