This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hines. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner
C. Private    
Claude Guilbert about 1908 November 9, 1973 Lorene M. Hooper
D. E. Private Private  
D. G. Private   P. F Rayson
D. L. Private Private  
Edward F. about 1845   Elizabeth E. Short
Emmett Earl May 18, 1918 March 15, 1975 N. J. Martin
Everett Westley July 3, 1910 February 24, 2000 Doris L. Kratzer
Fern about 1895   Earnest P. Edwards
Francis Eugene January 1898 1965 Frances Edna Briscoe
Grace about 1913    
Harry E about 1878    
John F. about 1877    
K. W. Private   S. M. White
L. Private    
M. Private    
M. P. Private Private  
Mabel Lee January 20, 1919 January 20, 1919  
Mable about 1898  
Minnie about 1904    
N. Private    
N. Private    
Nancy Lulu about 1867    
R. Private    
R. D. Private Private  
Ralph Roy January 27, 1902 February 1971 Laneta Evilyn Marbury
T. D. Private    
Thelma about 1915    
Thomas Edward August 1871 June 11, 1940 Leona Abbie Drysdale
Thomas G. July 1, 1906 April 3, 1972 Fern Edna Houghtlaling, Mary Mildred Franklin
W. E. Private   C. G. Cannon