This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Knight. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner
Alexander     Hannah or Anne Tutty
Ava Edward 1874 1952 Almedia Moree
B. L. Private   J. J Oliphant
B. R. Private    
D. J. Private    
D. K. Private    
E. O. Private Private Z. C.
Elizabeth     Samuel Spinney
Emma J. July 27, 1870    
Esta L about 1897    
Ila I about 1907    
J. A. Private   M. O. Dougan
J. E Private Private D. L. Pickens
J. W. Private   D. P Wharton
Jennie Lee February 16, 1872    
John ca Jan 1595 May 22, 1674 Mary Pickering
Josephus William October 11, 1836   Mary M. Short, Servia
Kenneth P. February 8, 1910 August 12, 1976 Fern Leona Starr
L.   Private  
M. L. Private   B.
Mary     John Gamage
Mary March 18, 1701 Robert Peirce
Ola J about 1904    
Opal April 12, 1909 June 15, 2004 William F. Vickers
Ora Willis March 3, 1900 October 16, 1974 Mabel Lucy Ritter
P. J. Private Private R. F. Hixon
R.   Private  
R. J Private    
S. D. Private    
William 1814   Eglentine Winchester