“Iowa County Marriages 1838-1934” [database on-line]

Publication information https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1805551


  1.   Mabel Ava Bogard
  2.   Orloff Victor Husted
  3.   Marriage of Glenn Morsellis Hadsell and Elizabeth Lawson Jones
  4.   Dewey Beasley
  5.   Amos Bonny
  6.   Carrie Warme
  7.   Dorothy Marie Reindl
  8.   George Flavel Harris
  9.   Cordelia Pearl Hadsell
  10.   Perry M Smith
  11.   Marriage of Fred Glandon and Margaret Elizabeth Taylor
  12.   William A Holub
  13.   Marriage of Perry M Smith and Almeda E. Voshell
  14.   Marriage of Scribner Herbert Lewis and Carrie Warme
  15.   Sarah E. Voshell
  16.   Charles Alvin Teachnor
  17.   Muriel M. Judd
  18.   William E. Lewis
  19.   Hypatie Beardsley
  20.   James Corbin
  21.   Virgie A. Ingle
  22.   Leo David Naeve
  23.   Marriage of William A Holub and Muriel M. Judd
  24.   Easter I. Miller
  25.   Marriage of William Andrew Sheely and Cordelia Pearl Hadsell
  26.   Marriage of Harold L. Kiekenapp and Dorothy Marie Reindl
  27.   Marriage of James Corbin and Sarah E. Voshell
  28.   Francis Barber Voshell
  29.   Marriage of Leo David Naeve and Hypatie Beardsley
  30.   Marriage of Frank M. Hadsell and Virgie A. Ingle
  31.   Irene N. Surber
  32.   Marriage of Orloff Victor Husted and Mabel Ava Bogard
  33.   Nancy L. Hadsell
  34.   William Andrew Sheely
  35.   Gladys Helen Mannen
  36.   Gust Emanuel Fray
  37.   Marriage of Dewey Beasley and Ethel F. Hadsell
  38.   Almeda E. Voshell
  39.   Paulina Beardsley
  40.   Marriage of Herbert L. Hadsell and Easter I. Miller
  41.   Hellen Jane Smith
  42.   Marriage of Gust Emanuel Fray and Mabel Ava Bogard
  43.   Marriage of Charles Alvin Teachnor and Nancy L. Hadsell
  44.   Marriage of Glenn Morsellis Hadsell and Irene N. Surber
  45.   Marriage of Gust Emanuel Fray and Effie Julia Williams
  46.   Lewis E. Bonney
  47.   Marriage of Gust Emanuel Fray and Gladys Helen Mannen
  48.   Marriage of Charles Alvin Hadsell and Margaret Elizabeth Taylor
  49.   Marriage of David D. Smith and Anna Laura Richardson