This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Tyler. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Parents
1646-01-28 Job Tyler Mary
Asa 1708-04-25 Job Tyler Margaret Bradstreet
Asahel 1772-10-23 1858-03-24 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Asahel Watkin 1807-03-02 1876-04-09 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
Bradstreet 1725-06-11 William Tyler Dorothy Geer
Carrie B. about 1873 Harvey W. Tyler Amanda Dintuff
Charles Franklin about 1843 Roswell Root Tyler Sarah W. Wood
Dudley 1700 Job Tyler Margaret Bradstreet
Ebenezer 1678-09-18 Moses Tyler Prudence Blake
Edna A. 1883-01-00 William W. Tyler Sarah J. Marshall
Esther Jun 31 1799 9 Sep 1800, Age 1 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
Esther 1764 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Fisher Metcalf 1815-09-30 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
Francis E. 1880-09-00 William W. Tyler Sarah J. Marshall
Franklin about 1846 Roswell Root Tyler Sarah W. Wood
Frank Roswell 1881-11-00 Harvey W. Tyler Amanda Dintuff
Hannah 1710-06-05 Job Tyler Margaret Bradstreet
Hannah about 1648 Job Tyler Mary
Hannah 1736-12-24 William Tyler Dorothy Geer
Harvey W. about 1844 Roswell Root Tyler Sarah W. Wood
Hopestill abt 1645 or 1646. Job Tyler Mary
Huldah Maria about 1817 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
Jacob 9 Jan 169_ Moses Tyler Sarah Hasey
James W. 1804-02-01 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
Job 1675-12-16 1754 Moses Tyler Prudence Blake
Job 1705-02-28 Job Tyler Margaret Bradstreet
Job about 1619 after 1700
John about 1650 1652-09-28 Job Tyler Mary
John 1653-04-16 Job Tyler Mary
John 1669-09-14 Moses Tyler Prudence Blake
John D. 1875-11-00 Harvey W. Tyler Amanda Dintuff
Jonathan 1744-04-12 William Tyler Dorothy Geer
Joseph 1671-09-18 1699 Moses Tyler Prudence Blake
Joshua 1688-07-04 Moses Tyler Prudence Blake
Judith A. "Nettie" about 1855 Roswell Root Tyler Sarah W. Wood
Katura about 1775 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Lucina 1802-10-09 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
Lucy 1740-01-26 William Tyler Dorothy Geer
Margaret 1703-03-24 Job Tyler Margaret Bradstreet
Margaret 1732-06-05 William Tyler Dorothy Geer
Mary about 1644 Job Tyler Mary
Mehitable 1727-07-15 William Tyler Dorothy Geer
Mercy about 1780 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Moses 1667-02-16 Moses Tyler Prudence Blake
Moses 1641/1642 1727-10-02 Job Tyler Mary
Nathan about 1774 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Phebe about 1712
Roswell 1772-10-23 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Roswell Root 1812-12-29 1866-12-03 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
Rufus 1752 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Samuel about 1776 William Tyler Zerviah Root
Samuel 1655-05-24 Job Tyler Mary
Samuel 1678-05-02 Moses Tyler Prudence Blake
Sarah R. about 1822 1895-01-18 Roswell Root Tyler Sarah W. Wood
Selinde Adella 1857-09-09 about 1940 Roswell Root Tyler Sarah W. Wood
Speda M. 1810-08-24 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins
William 1701-07-04 Job Tyler Margaret Bradstreet
William 1730-06-22 1809 William Tyler Dorothy Geer
William W. about 1853 about 1925 Roswell Root Tyler Sarah W. Wood
William Watkins. 1797-01-14 1881-03-25 Asahel Tyler Lucina Watkins