This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Ayer. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Parents
Abigail 1773-01-13 Timothy Ayer Elizabeth White
Abigail 1664-07-04 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Ebenezer 1678-05-22 1695-10-10 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Ebenezer 1704-02-18 1762-03-03 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle
Elisabath 1728-01-25 (Julian) Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
Elizabeth 26 Jan 1707-8 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle
Hannah 1644-12-21 John Ayer Hannah Evered
Hannah 1662-08-21 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Hannah 1694-11-29 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle
Isaiah 1749-09-19 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
John 1744-04-02 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
John 1582-09-02 1657-03-31 Thomas Eyre Elizabeth Rogers
John about 1631 John Ayer Hannah Evered
Joseph 1746-05-22 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
Martha 1 Mar 1667-8 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Mary John Ayer Hannah Evered
Mary 1788-02-02 1818-11-21 Timothy Ayer Elizabeth White
Mary 1666-08-06 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Nathaniel 1630-03-13 John Ayer Hannah Evered
Peter 1633-11-01 1699-01-03 John Ayer Hannah Evered
Peter 1696-10-01 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle
Peter 1737-05-12 1805 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
Philip 1732-02-28 (Julian) 1756-11-02 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
Rachell 1675-10-18 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Rebecca about 1624 John Ayer Hannah Evered
Ruth 1660-10-30 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Samuel 1669-09-28 1743-01-02 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
Samuell 1698-08-04 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle
Sarah 1730-10-27 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
Sarah 1711-05-18 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle
Simon 1709-12-26 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle
Timothy 1740-07-16 about 1811 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
Timothy 1771-03-22 Timothy Ayer Elizabeth White
Tuttel 1734-04-00 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
Tuttle 1735-05-17 Ebenezer Ayer Susanna Kimball
William 1673-09-23 Peter Ayer Hannah Allen
William 6 Feb 1701-2 Samuel Ayer Elizabeth Tuttle